It all started with a simple question: Why is it so hard to get a second opinion on medical advice? Especially when it matters the most? We realized our friends, family, and countless others feel paralyzed when making important health decisions. What type of practitioner should we see? Who can help us right now? Who can give us a different opinion?  

We’re here to fix that. Our goal is to help you feel confident in making decisions about your health.

Our Story


Tara Viswanathan


10+ years of experience in healthcare products, founder of 2 previous companies, Certified Nutrition Counselor

B.S. Wharton, M.S. Stanford

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Kallie Friedman

engineering & Product

Former Product Manager at Intuit & Pinterest, Former Engineer at Stride Health

B.A. Stanford & M.S. Stanford

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Rosa Hamalainen


Former Research Associate at Stanford Department of Bioengineering

B.S. Stanford

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Prathna Bhardwaj


Former Consultant at BRG Healthcare Consulting & Bowhead Health

B.S. Emory University & PA Mercer University

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Ramiro Cardozo


10+ years experience in digital design, UI/UX and leading design teams

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Poppy Friedman

Chief Snack Officer, Chief Happiness Officer, Brand Manager

3+ years experience being the smallest, fluffiest and cutest pet. Has never had a bad hair day. 2+ years experience as a San Francisco office dog

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