Rupa Circles

Meet a practitioner, hear a success story from a real patient, and get your questions answered.

Curious about acupuncture, nutrition, or functional medicine?

Rupa Circles are intimate evenings for people to learn more about integrative & alternative medicine directly from a practitioner and one of their patients.

Get all your questions answered during an intimate evening in a patient’s living room with one of our integrative healthcare experts.

Rupa Circles are casual and friendly, so you can feel comfortable asking anything.

What types of topics are discussed at Rupa Circles?

  • What are a dietitian’s thoughts on diets like paleo and keto?

  • What is functional nutrition?

  • How do I know what supplements I should be taking?

  • What does it take to become an acupuncturist? How do you know if someone’s good and qualified?

  • What can acupuncture help with?